About SoberCitizen.com

What is SoberCitizen.com?

It’s where I write about taking seriously my responsibilities to God, myself, and the world. I believe that has serious and significant implications for how I ought to act.

What do you mean by “sober”?

I mean to try to abstain – all or in part – from vices which weaken me and prevent me from being the best version of myself. Essentially, I mean something akin to temperance. Importantly, I’m not just talking about abstention from drugs or alcohol, but from any vice, behavior, or indulgence that weakens me and goes against my goals of being the best man I can be.

Why sober citizen?

In addition to striving to be the best individual I can be, I choose to be the best citizen I can be; this means I embrace my responsibility not only to myself, but to my friends, family, neighbors, and community. I aim to strengthen myself so that I may strengthen my community and do my part to make the world a better place for everyone.